Collin Hall

Lighting Designer and Technician




(901) 493-6806

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, I’ve always had a strong connection to the arts. Thanks to my parents, I developed a balanced creative and analytical spirit during my childhood. Once I started attending school at the University of Tennessee, I found that lighting design and technology was the perfect way for me to use both of those aspects of my personality. 

Since starting work as a lighting designer and technician, I have had many opportunities to travel and work with a variety creative teams, teaching me the best ways to collaborate. Currently, my goals are to get as much experience working at a wide range of theatres across the country as I can, in order to have the chance to travel and learn hands-on before I start graduate school. With my design work, I want to try new things and experiment as much as possible.

Once I have my Master’s degree, I’d like to find a more permanent position, that still has some flexibility for freelance jobs and traveling. With a more steady income, I plan to invest in a little yellow house for myself and my partner.

Currently, my pandemic job is as an remote independent contractor for an online transcription company. I’m also working towards opening an Etsy shop eventually, selling handmade crocheted, quilted, and embroidered items. In February, I will join the Utah Shakespeare Festival again as a lighting technician for their educational production of Julius Caesar.