Ghost the Musical

Ghost the Musical

By Bruce Joel Rubin

Theatre Aspen – Aspen, CO – 2019

Lighting Design: Collin Hall

Director: Graham Northrup

Musical Direction: Dory Light

Choreographer: Luke Ryan

Scenic Designer: Graham Northrup

Costume Designer: Ginny Bultman

Sound Designer: Lee Sullivan

Photo Credit: Mike Lyons

Ghost the Musical, based on the movie of the same name, is a show about seizing the day while you can, living your life to the fullest, staying present and in the moment. For example, Sam becomes a ghost because he failed to appreciate his girlfriend fully and has to find closure for his relationship with her. The ghosts in this musical are all people who have died who are clinging to their physical lives and are unable to continue on to the afterlife.

The lighting design for this show primarily emphasizes the separation between the living and the ghost worlds. The living world exists in a more realistic state, which is generally brighter and less colorful. The ghost world tends to be more abstracted, with a separation between the dark spirits and light spirits. The dark spirits live in a dark, shadowy world, with harsh shards of red light piercing through. The world of the light spirits is hazy with a soft, warm white glow and gently moving dots.