First Kisses

First Kisses

All Campus Theatre

Knoxville, TN


Lighting Designer: Collin Hall

Director: Crystal-Marie Alberson

Scenic Designer: Brueck Brakefield

Costume Designer: Kayla Black

Sound Designer: Tucker Comes

Stage Manager: Sky Jordan

Photo Credit: Quinn Phillips

Jay D. Hanagan’s First Kisses encourages us to embrace change, as it will help us develop into the people we are meant to become. While we are often averse to change, because of its unpredictability and uncertainty, ultimately it creates a new circumstance in which we are allowed to grow. With this in mind, the creative team and I discussed First Kisses being an ethereal, other-worldly experience, like a dream or a fairy tale, since the characters find their one true love so quickly and so surely.

One of my goals with this lighting design was to reinforce an ethereal environment that suited larger-than-life storytelling. To do this, I used a more saturate color than we would see in real life, a light in the shed that illuminated the characters’ more intimate moments in an abstract way, and a ring of flickering fairy lights for the transitions. Another one of my goals with the lighting design was to indicate a passage of time and the characters’ growth. To accomplish this goal, I chose a warm white for the visibility light, so that it could be used for multiple times of day and seasons throughout many years. I then relied on my color-changing top light system, color fill system, and tree texture to alter the time of the scene. The tree texture was a symbol for growth, and I gradually cooled the scenes down and used less saturate colors, which evoked a sense of maturity.