Every Christmas Story Ever Told

Every Christmas Story Ever Told

Maples Repertory Theatre

Macon, MO


Lighting Designer: Collin Hall

Director: Brance Cornelius

Costume Designer: Kristina Tollefson

Sound Designer: Daniel Milligan

Stage Manager: Toni McDowell

Photo Credit: Kelly Lewis

Every Christmas Story Ever Told is a play about three actors who set out to act in Charles Dickens’s classic A Christmas Carol, but end up acting out multiple Christmas stories instead. Since the play is a fun, light-hearted collection of nostalgic Christmas stories, the lighting design focuses on reflecting the fun and nostalgia. The looks tend to be bright, with a bold color on the back or sides and occasionally a slash of texture on the scrim in the back.

The longest scene toggles between a reenactment of It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol. For this, I created to contrasting looks to distinguish which story was being told: one was bright with a saturate amber and mostly front light, the other was a colder blue and lavender from the sides, leaving some spookier shadows.