Becky Shaw

Becky Shaw

Lovers & Madmen

Knoxville, TN


Lighting Designer: Collin Hall

Director: David Ratliff

Scenic Designer: Rebecca Johnson

Costume Designer: Kate Samayoa

Stage Manager: Danielle Kowalkowski

Photo Credit: Brynn Yeager

Gina Gionfriddo’s Becky Shaw is an exploration on human connection and isolation. We start off with Max and Suzanna looking to each other for comfort. Suzanna needs comfort during her grieving her father’s death and her mother’s coldness and Max needs to feel wanted after his family’s abandonment, so they turn to each other. Andrew and Becky are also searching for someone to connect with emotionally. Andrew believes that he can find this by fixing broken women. Becky tries to use her pain to draw people toward her, but ends up pushing most people away.

For the lighting design, there were three main goals: to create a stark difference between the coldness in Susan’s apartment and the warmth in Andrew’s, to isolate certain characters in moments of intimacy, and to indicate shifts in the setting.

To indicate shifts in location, I varied the color and composition of each scene. To create the difference between Susan’s and Andrew’s apartments, I gave Susan’s apartment a cool white and an elegant-looking window pattern on the floor, which seemed to restrict the characters physically and emotionally and I gave Andrew’s apartment a warm white, which was comforting and inviting. To create isolation, I focused down on the characters and painted the rest of the stage with a more saturate top light color. This drew focus to the actors, while also confining them in a small area separate from the rest of the world.