8×10: One Acts

8×10: One Acts

Flying Anvil Theatre

Knoxville, TN


Lighting Designer: Collin Hall

Directors: Terry Pfeiffer, Keri McClain, Carrie Thompson

Stage Manager: Randy Thompson

Photo Credit: Collin Hall

This show was a collection of eight quirky, locally written one acts performed by 10 actors. As the lighting designer for this relatively low-budget production, I had the primary task of differentiating the stories and settings through light. To do this with my small, entirely LED plot, I chose to focus on color and time of day as my major indicators of setting.

My main challenges in this process were color-matching the different LED fixtures and finding a good warm white in the Chauvet fixtures. My biggest success in this production was definitely time management. I learned how to program on a new board (ETC’s ColorSource AV) and more how to communicate with directors.